Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System (buy your Water Freedom Guide here)

The Water System is an invention on how to make an automated freshwater supply at home. Everyone, including families worldwide, can use it, and the good thing is that it’s affordable. The system makes cool, safe and clean drinking water from thin air available even in the driest deserts. It can give the user 60 gallons of water in a day. The technology used is not new; the military already practices it across the world, including the UK, USA, India and Israel.

About the Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System is a course created by Chris Burns. This system is impressive and intriguing to most people because they never have something similar. However, you can understand how it works by watching Chris demonstrating it online for free (not sure how long it will be free).

People who live in dry areas experience water shortages. According to Chris, people do not like when officials dealing with water shortages introduce water rationing or increase the prices, making it unaffordable. Having experienced recurring drought throughout his life, he knows how harsh it can be. 16th May 2014 remains a dark day in his life because the consequences of prolonged dry periods weighed them down. Their hundreds of acres remained bare due to lack of water, and his family was going bankrupt.

To make things worse, The State Water Project said that it would not provide water, something they had not heard of for more than 54 years. This left them with the option to find water from a few remaining reservoirs, groundwater and the Colorado River. They were, however, prepared with solar energy, a heating system and a well. The well didn’t long to dry out, and even though they had more than 600 gallons to last them as they applied for a new well, armed men stole their water. Left with no water and with the family that needed water, Chris had to think beyond the ordinary. After many sleepless nights, he remembered his uncle telling him about sourcing drinking water from thin water and there he got a solution.

The Birth of the Water Freedom System

The first design was brilliant and cost about $270. Chris and his uncle tried t make the system cheap as possible. It produced 20 gallons of water in a day and was incredibly easy to use.

Benefits of the Water Freedom System

• It pulls moisture from thin air, filters and turns it into water. You only press a button to get clean and pure drinking water. You do all this for about $270 in less than an hour of your time.

• Unlimited supply of the freshest and cleanest water at a cheap cost

• The system is lightweight and portable.

• Security of water even during an emergency, so no need to worry about water storage space

• Reduced energy bills as it generates water for free, saving you a lot of money every year.

Now you know what the Water Freedom System has for you!

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