Mystery Novels & Other Novels

Mystery Novels & Other Novels

The mystery is a fiction with an unresolved question that remains unknown until the last moment. Fictional mysteries are stories that can be realistic or fantastic, but they are not based on a true event or happening. They are mostly evolving around crimes that remain unresolved. The mystery rotates throughout the novel until the detective explains the whole story and the novel’s end.

Why do People like Reading Fiction Novels?

Reading, in general, is a very important component of success as consuming content helps sharpen your intellect and build your knowledge. Fiction is known to have the power to insert you fully and completely into someone else’s mind. It is the media that comes in between the mind of the writer and the reader to make the reader see the world through the writer’s eye. Also are several reasons why people like reading fiction stories, and some of them are recorded in this article. Some people read fiction because of any or more of the following reasons:

1. Aids in Creativity

Although many people take creativity for granted, it is a natural ability like any other skill. Creativity is a skill that you will want to preserve and build on it, and the best thing to do that, especially for children, is by allowing them, read more. Reading fiction allows young children to think about the world and boost their creativity. Reading fiction books from a young age is one of the best ways to develop imagination in children.

2. Aids in Expanding Vocabulary

Continuous reading of books helps develop your vocabulary and is the best tool to strengthen your speed and make you a better writer. Besides enjoying the story, which is a common reason that people read fiction books, it also helps develop your language. As your mind is exposed to new ideas and thoughts, you also learn new vocabulary. Reading takes through a plethora of grammatical writing styles, different forms of diction, and unfamiliar words.

3. What is the Fiction Novel Genre?

The genre fiction is the kind of novel with more mainstream populist appeal than literally fiction and generally, comprises fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, mystery, and much more. The books contain stories made up by the author but not something that happened in real life.

What are the Popular Best Sellers of Fiction Books?

The following is a list of the top best sellers fiction books:

Tom Clancy Chain of command by Marc Cameron
Guild Boss by Jayne Castle
Dark Taron by Christine Feehan
The Devil’s sea by Dirk Cussler
The Attic on Queen Street by Karen White
Our country Friends by Gary Shteyngart
Better off Dead by Andrew Child and Lee Child, among others

Who are the Top Fiction Books of All Times?

Here I a list of the top fiction books writers of all times:

1. William Shakespeare, who wrote Othello, Romeo, and Juliet who has estimated sales of a billion

2. Agatha Christine, the A.B.C Murders, the murder of Roger Ackroyd with an estimated sale of 4 billion also

3. Barbara Cartland wrote Love ruins and as eagles fly with an estimated sale of 1 billion.

Of course there are many other mystery novel writers that produce gripping stories. Who is your favbourite author?

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