The Clash of the Titans Movie

The Clash of the Titans Movie Review

According to the Greeks, the story is about the fighting forces. The gods are angry at humans at some point. So the gods fight the growing powers, and the statue of Zeus is destroyed in Argos. As a result, the furies are unleashed to finish the disobedience, killing all the members of a fisherman family, leaving only one son alive, Perseus.

The queen declared her daughter as the most beautiful one that Aphrodite which was considered blasphemy. That is the reason that led Zeus to allow Hades to punish humanity because they appeared disrespectable. So now Andromeda must sacrifice to the gods, failure to provoke them to release the Kraken, the incredible monster to punish them.

Perseus is the favored son of the god Zeus who is also Sir Laurence Olivier and in the process, Zeus fall in love with the lovely prince Andromeda who was formerly engaged to Thetis’ son Calibos. Unfortunately, their clash causes several bystanders who are innocent to get stubbed, drowned, and squished. As a newborn, Perseus, the son of god Zeus, was sent by King Acrisius of Argos to the world to escape the king’s cruelty. For that reason, he grew up to be a man with a mission in life.

Perseus must act fast and return to the affluent city of Joppa where hideously grotesque monster Calibos and the beautiful princess, Andromeda, the daughter of Queen Cassiopeia, are getting married. Calibos is the mortal son of Thetis, the sea goddess. Unfortunately, that mission of rescuing the cursed Andromeda leads Perseus to fight several adversaries. The only gift he could expect is the gods themselves to give him a fighting chance.

In the process, Perseus, the son of Zeus, wins the hand of Princess Andromeda in marriage, which triggers trouble between the former princes’ former lover Calibos. His mother, the goddess Thetis also joins Calibos. The hard part is that for Kraken not to be released, Princess Andromeda has to be sacrificed. That is because her head is the only thing that can stop the Kraken from being released.

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