Solo Ads Email Marketing Service

This is an interesting one … we wanted to introduce you to an email marketing service that hs been well established for years. Here is the link (or click on any of the banners on this page).

So, they have HUGE lists of opted in email contacts across numerous target sectors, and you pay them to send out a marketing / selling email to those on their list … to the niche sector you want and to the number of 1,000’s you decide to pay for.

The service is called 10 Dollar Solar Ads. How does it work?

Think of a product or service you would like to promote. Although you can link straight to the product page (for example, any of the affiliate earning offers on this website) profits always improve if your marketing link is to your own landing page (also called squeeze page). This s where you ‘warm up’ your contacts and build them up for what you are offering, plus you may try get their email address for your further marketing.

For simplicity, lets run with a straight to offer link. Firstly after signing up and deciding on the level of service you want, you begin your campaign by simply giving the team at 10 Dollar Solo Ads your link.

At this stage, you can write your own email text OR you can let the experienced team there do this for you. Yes, they will go that far to help you.

Then when you have agreed to the email sales pitch to be sent out with your link in it … the email marketing begins.

What is superb about this low cost service, is they have LOADS of individual sectors / niches, so you can be sure your emails will be sent to the most suitable audience, who have already opted in to this service and indicated their interests.

… Then wait for any sales and sign ups to arrive. Simple as that.

The levels of service at time of writing are:

$10 per month … 1,000 of their own targetted emails sent out monthly (in 1 blast).

$40 per month … 12,000 of their own targetted emails sent out monthly (in 4 stages).

$80 per month … 24,000 of their own targetted emails sent out monthly (in 4 stages).

Bear in mind, if you choose a higher paying affiliate offer, your subscription payments could be covered with a single sale!

Why not give them a try. It is a low cost economical targetted and depending on what you are trying to sell, an effective high earning service.


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