Planning to Tropical Keep Fish? Here are Reasons why Tropical Fish Keeping can be a Great Hobby

Are You Planning to Tropical Keep Fish? Here are Reasons why Tropical Fish Keeping can be a Great Hobby

Aquarium fish are becoming top pets in most homesteads these days, and they have several health benefits associated with them. Keeping a fish aquarium is superior to keeping a furry friend like a cat or dog that will need a litter tray or be taken for a walk or even mess up the apartment. An aquarium will give you all benefits of keeping a pet without messing up your compound. You will also keep them without spending time training the fish to take instructions from you as you would with a cat or dog.

What Type of Fish Will Be The Best for You to Keep?

A tropical fish tank will not only help you keep fish but is also a wonderful addition to your home. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting at home to enjoy watching colored beautiful fish swimming around in our fish aquarium. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose tropical fish that have a great chance of making you succeed in your project.

The following are some of the top freshwater tropical fish you can successfully keep in your home aquarium. Read them through to get the right information before you set your aquarium to make an informed decision.

Neon Tetra

Neon is tiny fish that are very colorful, making them some of the most attractive fish to keep in your home fish tank. These tiny fish only grow to about an inch or so long and will do well in a 10-gallon tank or slightly bigger. They are schooling fish, and therefore you should begin with not less than six if you want them to feel comfortable. Keeping them in dirty water or keeping them in smaller numbers less than six can make them get nippy at each other. This type of fish is suitable for both beginners and advanced fish keepers.

Fancy Guppy

The guppies also have tiny bodies and different colors. They also have long-flowing fins, and they can look very gorgeous in your aquarium. They are very good for your fish tank because their vibrant colors make your home fish tank look very beautiful. These fish are very vibrant; therefore, you should be prepared to look for the right kind of tank for them if you think of keeping them. It would be best if you also thought of keeping them as an addition to your large fish in the same tank. You should also know that they give birth to live tiny fish, and if you keep them, you should expect some tiny ones to appear one time.

Black-Skirt Tetra

Black-skirt tetras are slightly bigger than the first two, and they also need to be in groups of not less than six of them in your tank. When you choose these fish, you should also look for a tank of more than 10 gallons. They have silver and black stripes with black flowing fins that make them look very attractive. They can keep you glued to your aquarium for hours. When you consider keeping them as your pets, you should ensure that you prepare a fish tank with plenty of room for swimming.

Mollies and Platys

These are live-bearing fish, and keeping them does not require you to have so much money to begin. You can start with as few as two, and within a short while, you will have your aquarium full of them. The reason is that they are fast bearing, and most probably, the first female fish you bring home could be a pregnant one. These fish also have very many colors, and they are among the easy to care for fish. You can begin with black Mollies that are readily available or red platys.

Fish are not hard to keep, but it is important to know how to choose the most suitable species for you. Mollies, for instance, are very easy to fish and to care for and pretty to look at. They are, therefore, some of the best species to keep in your home.

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